Regal Low Rise Double Raised Feeder

  • $64.95




Size: 21" L x 9.5" W x 4" H - 3 Quart Bowls


Size: 17.5" L x 8" W x 3" H - 2 Quart Bowls

Durable wrought iron stand
Non-skid plastic tips on legs
Sturdy Construction
(2) Stainless steel dog bowls
Rounded sides keep food and water centered
Large bowl opening enable easy refilling
Removable bowls for easy cleaning
No sharp edges
This raised feeder is a great design for "big" dogs like dachshunds and bulldogs, who aren't quite so tall. The Regal Low Rise Double Raised Feeder allows you to give your pet's food and water at the same time in this double bowl set.

The Regal Low Rise Double Raised Feeder has no sharp edges that your pet could catch a collar or tag on. Your pet will never strain while eating again! Providing a comfortable feeder height for pets promote better posture and aids digestion.